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African Engineering Services LTD

African Engineering Services Ltd. has a modern workop in Kitwe, equipped with the latest CNC machines and conventional equipment to ensure we supply quality service and products to our customers

Repair & manufacture facility

CNC machines and conventional

Machine Capabilities:
540mm swing, 3000mm length

Machine Capabilities:
600mm x 1500mm x 650mm height
600mm x 8000mm x 550mm height

Machine Capabilities:
8000mm length x 640mm ld honing

Chroming Capabilities:
Two chrome tanks.
Chrome tank one - 2000mm depth
Chrome tank two - 4000mm depth
Strip tank - 4000mm depth

Machine Capabilities:
Cylinder Rod Grinding
500mm swing, 4000mm length
Cylinder Rod Polish
700mm swing, 4000mm length

Machine Capabilities:
Testing for one hour at low and high pressure to ensure optimal cylinder performance

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